Worship - The Missing Jewel Of The Church - CD

Worship - The Missing Jewel Of The Church - CD

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The late A.W. Tozer called worship “the missing jewel of the church.” What is worship and why is it so important in the Christian life and the church? In this series, Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr. and friends help you focus on the One who is worthy of our adoration.  15 sermons on CD.

  • Worship 101  (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • The Zadok Priesthood  (Ken Hartley)
  • Three Dimensional Worship  (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • False Worship   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • Sacrificial Worship   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • Glorifying His Name   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • Remember God   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • The Loss of His Presence  (Angie McGregor)
  • Bless The Lord, Part 1   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • Bless The Lord, Part 2  (Sammy Wilson)
  • Preparation for His Presence   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • The Pathway of His Presence   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)
  • Breaking the Michal Spirit  (Ron Phillips)
  • Have You Been To Zion To Worship  (Bobby Atkins)
  • The Worship of the Wise Men   (Ronnie Phillips, Jr.)

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