Warfare Collection - USB

Warfare Collection - USB

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A collection of spiritual warfare series by Dr. Ron Phillips on a USB Thumb Drive (audio only). Series include:

Breaking Old Habits & Ancient Curses

1-Taking The Battle To The Enemy
2-The Overcoming Power of the Blood
3-Turning Your Bible Into A Sword
4-Breaking the Spirit of Poverty
5-Breaking Old Habits & Ancient Curses
6-Becoming the Army of God

Conquering Hidden Spirits

1-Leviathan - The Twisting Spirit
2-Jezebel - The Controlling Spirit
3-Absinthe - The Bitter Spirit
4-Cain - The Killing Spirit
5-Python - The Coiling Cords of Wickedness
6-Shake Off The Snakes

Turn Back The Enemy

1-Battle Beyond The Stars
2-War In Eden
3-The Unseen Victory at the Cross
4-The Evil Empire
5-Positioned To Win
6-Turn Back The Enemy

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