The Rebirth of the House of Togarmah Package

The Rebirth of the House of Togarmah Package

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Get the complete message on "The Rebirth of the House of Togarmah", the books "The Unraveling of America" and "The Hiram Code", and a US/Israel flag pin for a donation of $50. Shipping & handling is included to the U.S.

Open your eyes to the truth that no one else is talking about. In The Unraveling of America, you’re going to see the forces that are at work behind the scenes like a puppeteer, manipulating and pulling the strings that are unraveling the fabric of our great nation. But then Pastor Ron gives you hope in his book The Hiram Code, as he shows you the secrets for living in favor and blessing in these last days. For your donation of $50 dollars or more, we’ll send you both of these books, plus the complete message on the rebirth of the House of Togarmah, and a lapel pin with the American and Israeli flags, showing that you stand with Israel. Arm yourself with the truth of the knowledge of America’s past, present and hope for the future.

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