Rebuilding Broken Families

Rebuilding Broken Families

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  • Publication Date:1/18/09

Mention the ideal family and chances are images of “Leave It To Beaver” come to your mind.  The harmonious relationship between Ward and June and the innocence and obedience of Wally and the Beaver mirrored the home life of many in the ‘50s and early ‘60s.  Unfortunately, the Cleavers don’t exist anymore.  They have been replaced by single parent homes, rebellious teens and lifestyles that once couldn’t even be spoken of on network television.  In reality, today’s families function more like the Ozzy Osbourne reality show than they emulate the Cleavers.

If you are not suffering from some form of a broken or dysfunctional home, chances are that someone you love is.  How can we diagnose the problems and rebuild our families?  The only way is to return to God’s guidelines for the family.  In this compilation of material from Pastor Ron and Paulette Phillips, we’ll examine the basis for the home life, marriage, and look at the foundations our homes and families should be built upon.  You’ll discover that intimacy with your spouse, coupled with intimacy with God, will shore up the shagging timbers of our home lives .

Whether your home needs repairing or as a preventive maintenance manual, Rebuilding Broken Families can help you weather the storms that eventually come your way.


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