Nuestros Aliados Invisibles

Nuestros Aliados Invisibles

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  • ISBN:978-1616380649
  • Publication Date:10/6/09

Beyond our normal range of understanding there lies another dimension more real and lasting than anything we can imagine. Angels are a key connection to that realm for us. Created by God, these timeless beings have a history and a story all their own.

In Our Invisible Allies, Ron Phillips brings you a definitive guide to angels, describing where they originated, how they operate, and how you can engage their help in your own life. Angels are indeed your allies—close friends who are willing to:

• Love and protect what you love

• Face a common enemy with you

• Share your allegiances and loyalties

• Operate covertly for you in the enemy’s territory

With the ability to come and go between the eternal dimension and our world, angels comfort us, speak to us, monitor the spiritual climate around us, teach us, and help us. But above all else, angels work for the Master of the universe and share in our desire to worship God and accomplish His will. (Spanish version)

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