Eternity: When Time Is No More

Eternity: When Time Is No More

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It’s a question that we all ask….what happens after we die? Are we just buried in the ground and forgotten, or we will answer for the things we’ve done?  Are there really places called heaven and hell?  And who goes there?  Dr. Ron Phillips teaches not only about what happens after this life, but how it all came to be, in the brand new series, “Eternity: When Time Is No More.”  In this 4 part series, you’ll learn how science corroborates the creation of the world, what type of judgments believers will face, and the eternal fates of both Christians and non-believers.  (Available on CD or DVD)

Sermons include:

  • Eternity: Awesome or Awful?
  • Eternity: Life of Believers Examined
  • Heaven
  • Hell
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